Employer Retention Credit (ERC)
Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP)

This Program has Ended

Program Ends March 22, 2024


The IRS is cracking down on employers who erroneously claimed ERC funds.

Voluntary participants in this program are required to pay only 80% of the improperly claimed ERC amount without facing penalties or interest charges.  

If funds already received, and are determined to be erroneous, the IRS may pose a 75% penalty on top of the return of 100% of the funds.

Am I at risk?

The most common reasons that Employee Retention Credit claims are being found erroneous include aggressive interpretations of eligibility criteria, misinterpretation of the rules, and misinformation, often propagated by third-party promoters. These promoters may have encouraged businesses to apply for the credit even when they did not meet the necessary qualifications, leading to erroneous claims.


Meinershagen & Co can help.  Let us take a professional look at your claim to determine its viability to see if you should be participating in the ERC Voluntary Disclosure Program. The Voluntary Disclosure Program ends March 22, 2024.